Monday, June 20, 2011

An Auspicious Beginning...

The Fleshtones in Europe (second leg) May 25 -June 12, 2011

RTB -in natural surroundings.

May 25th: The Fleshtones rendezvoused at the Rego Park home of Ross The Boss, who obligingly made a cameo appearance with his latest guitar acquisition. We were there to catch a cab to JFK and a flight back to Europe (Oslo, Norway via Amsterdam) on KLM, which has become my absolute favorite transatlantic carrier (see Zaremblog KLM 6070 JFK -AMS). For the next 18 days we would ping-pong across Norway, Sweden and Finland, dipping down into Portugal for just enough time to headline the Quarteira Rock Festival with the Staggers (Austria) and Los Explosivos (Mexico). The trip would culminate back in Moss, Norway with the 1st House Of Rock Festival.

I've often promised to skip the lengthly missives, and this time I mean it. It's not just that I've been busy (!) since the release of our latest album, Brooklyn Sound Solution featuring Lenny Kaye (CD/LP Yep-2226), but I've been rather discouraged about writing, especially since my laptop's screen went blank. I brought it to my tech guy months ago and he's been dodging me ever since. Still, a lot did happen on this tour, even for The Fleshtones.

The livery cab arrived, and we headed south on Woodhaven Boulevard, a secondary road that is not only once again the most reliable route to the airport now that the Van Wyck Expressway has been rendered all but unusable due to congestion, but has served as the ancestral path to countless summers at Rockaway Beach...