Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"I'll Make A Note Of It!" -Larry Fine, 1948 (pt.1)

part one: sin chorizo

The Fleshtone's first morning in Spain, Madrid Nov. 3, 2009 as 'snapped' by Luis 'Jimmy' Garcia. courtesy: Ken Fox

Sorry to have dropped off the map for a while. I had planned to keep you up on all the action from the road like a 'real' blogista, but without a laptop that could actually function as one (i.e. one not on life-support) it proved a lot harder than I had thought. Dealing with a tight schedule that kept us on the go, emotionally draining shows (my pleasure!) staying at hotels without Internet (can't use that excuse too much) then figuring out the Spanish keyboards at odd hours of the morning just made staying in bed a bit longer all the more attractive. "I'll make a note of it!" * Larry Fine would cheerfully respond when a belligerent Moe Howard would bluster "remind me to murder you!". Luckily, like the muy aimable Mr. Fine, I took notes, lot's of them, so I'll reconstruct the tour, blow by blow for you if you like. It was quite eventful and I've got to thank Sr. Jose 'Pepe' Ugena, the band and Spain itself for making it all possible. As advised, I'll keep it to a briefer more 'conversational' style like a 'real' blog, but you'll have to also forgive me if I get a bit expansive and meditative once in a while -in fact, right away. So all about Spain, although The Fleshtones are now back in the U.S.A. as we reunite with loved ones, make new plans and face new adventures sin chorizo.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Peter Zaremba

* many years after Larry's death sent me and a small coterie of followers (of Larry, that is) at the School Of Visual Arts into a state of near psychosis, I was MC at a Cavestomp event at the Polish National Home near my house here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Suddenly a follow student who I hadn't seen since the mid-70's rushed out of nowhere and exclaimed "now if we could only find that note..."