Monday, November 2, 2009

Island Routes launched in Jamaica, pt.5 (Bellefield Great House)

Earlier that morning we had visited Bellefield Greathouse in the foothills outside Montego Bay for a bit of 'living history'. Garbed in period costumes, the greathouse's 'cast' throw themselves into their roles as the estate's gossiping servants (with a surprise visit by their mistress). The tour winds up with a luncheon on the lawn (good jerk) accompanied by drumming and dancing. I particularly liked the visit to the cool 1794 sugarmill - large enough for it's interior to be converted into a recreation of an old Jamaica tavern. There we were served the sort of refreshing punch I love, mixed to the venerable rhyme thusly:
One part sour (lime juice)
Two parts sweet (simple syrup)
Three parts strong (white 'over-proof' rum)
and four parts weak (water)

-Peter Zaremba