Monday, November 2, 2009

Island Routes launched in Jamaica, pt.3 (night 3, Laughing Waters)

That night there was a catamaran cruise over to Laughing Waters, scene of the memorable first encounter between Sean Connery and Ursula Andress in 'Dr. No' and now official holiday residence of Jamaica's Prime Ministers. Waiting there was a full-out 'Barefoot' beach party -Steel drums, limbo dancing, rhumba lines -the whole swinging scene, along with (among dozens of other dishes) the bonito we had caught earlier that day (raw in a ceviche-like 'salad' and as well as grilled).
The next day I signed up for the 'Heritage Beach' horseback ride at Seville Great House, which take you from the old estate (now a museum) through the (scant) remains of Jamaica's first Spanish capital Sevilla Nuevo, then a nice charge through the waves. Cold 'Red Stripe' only enhanced the 'old Jamaica' scene at the shore, with fishermen returning under sail and a pleasing view of St. Ann's Bay Town (birthplace of national hero Marcus Garvey).